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Goele Maes studied interior and furniture design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent Belgium and restoration crafts man furniture at CVO Ghent Belgium. From 1998 until now she works freelance as a designer and maker of furniture, objects, decor and art work for various companies and clients. In addition, she taught in interior design and is currently teaching in furniture maker.

When it comes to creating and designing, solid wood is Goele Maes her most favourite choice of material, her truest friend. When she's not designing, she may be found in the

workshop making prototypes and furniture. This way she can feel the wood in her hands and she's able to discover the true potential of the material. Her knowledge and experience are based on practice and study, in such a way that she can create  contemporary and forward-looking products with traditional woodworking methods. With the craft and art of wood she likes to explore the boundaries between design and art where elegance and simplicity are keywords. Her design follow no trend and her work is timeless and full of passion and determination.                      

" An archaic image refers to the future. It projects its wishes and fascination on its own future world."

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BKRK hout bokrijk_LD_13870.JPG

A folding chair with a leather saddle and  an invisible hinge fitting. Folding chairs already existed in ancient times. The relevanty of such a piece of furniture comes through its shape and material. It has a contemporary line, as pure as possible. A perfect combination between wood (oak) and leather.

dimensions: 370 x 380 x 500 mm

Designed for Volmaakt


BKRK hout bokrijk_LD_13881.jpg

The mirror was inspired by a lace spool stand. As a result the mirror can be adjusted in height in a manual, traditional way, referring to the past and ready for the future. The shape of the mirror base refers to a body scale and tells us that we should not let ourselves be guided to much by numbers. Just look in the mirror for a moment to find out if you are comfortable with yourself. Who needs figures? The mirror is reflective on both sides so it can stand independently in a room.
dimensions: 400 x 390 x 2000 mm


BKRK hout bokrijk_LD_13869.JPG

To work standing up is healthy. Flexible and mobile working is a necessity. With these two parameters the design has grown towards a mobile piece of furniture for working standing up or speaking in public. This way you can switch from one function on to another. This foldable  desk is made out of oak wood and has a optional storage compartiment in leather.
dimensions: 500 x 520 x 1200 mm

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If you have any question about a product or project, feel free to contact me.

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